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Address: No. 37, Rampart Street, Fort, Galle    Reservation Line: +94 (0) 77 5878877, +94 (0) 91 4928781, +94 (0) 91 4380566

Gem Stones

Sri Lanka’s gems are the most famous gem stones of the world. Sapphires and Rubies in particular which comes in wide range of grades in different shades from light to dark. Not only the faceted gem stones but also the cabochon cut. Star Sapphires and Star Rubies also the Cat’s Eye are unique and has a specialty among the 32 different types of gem stones found in Sri Lanka. We offer our guests who are interested feel free to request and see our private collection of the gem stones. We at Rampart View can offer much lesser price than any of the retail outlets and the gem and jewelry shops in the city. Once a customer is always a customer, we do our best and we do what we say. Our aim is to satisfy the customer and to bring more customers from word of mouth in order to build up long lasting relationship.